Girl Tribe Tales Part Three – A Punch in the Face

A Punch in the Face

By Adelle Spindlove

Odd looks

Lengthened stares

Fear in knowing what to say

Forced optimism, it will be ok

Exclusion, inclusion

Mainstream or SEN

My child is different, can’t play that game

Don’t single him out, treat him the same

Birthdays, milestones

Bullshit forms

Confusion and doubt on what is best

Who fucking knows, I need a rest

A glimmer of hope

A small leap each day

Wouldn’t change my child but change the world we say

Talk, ask questions

It’s the fear of unknown

You’ve got friends here to gain

Acknowledge our pain

Watch and learn

We’re just the same

Slow down to my child’s pace, but

Pity me? You’ll get a punch in the face


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