I’m About

Hello! I’m Hana aka Mama Unexpected, I am a blogger based in Hampshire, recently moved over from Facebook here (please follow me over on Facebook if you want to, it’s a slightly busier page) as it was time to branch out. I blog about life as a twenty something single mother of two, Tilly (5) and Arlo (3). I am a big ol’ fan of gin, food and swear words.

Here’s me.

I am a student Midwife,breastfeeding peer supporter, charity fundraiser, event organiser, and all round badass mama. No, I do not sit down.  I advocate for disability rights, women’s rights and am not afraid to say it how I see it. If you want honesty, you’ve come to the right place.

My children are tiny gingers, Tilly is a SWAN, which means she has a syndrome so rare, it has no name. She has severe learning difficulties, mobility issues, epilepsy and the most wicked laugh you’ve ever heard. UPDATE: Tilly was diagnosed via the 100000 genome project with a metabolic condition called GAMT she started treatment in March 2018 at The Evelina in London. Arlo is an arsehole but also pretty awesome. 19366363_391824587880614_8383808415200773959_n

Guest blogs, collaborations and select product reviews are very welcome, please feel free to get in touch. All views are my own:

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