Broken Home

I had a conversation recently with a friend who is in a very unhappy relationship but won’t leave because they don’t want their child living in a broken home. 
Like mine. 
Obviously they didn’t say that bit but it made me feel pretty sad. See, my son has always lived in a ‘broken’ home, my husband left when I was pregnant and didn’t want to know until he was two and a half. My son has only ever known a one parent family and sees his other parent for a few hours every other weekend. But I don’t think that’s been a disadvantage for him. 
My son lives in a home full of love. There is no uncomfortable atmosphere, no raised voices, no arguments and no upset. He has never witnessed the blazing arguments I had with his dad before he was born. He knows only love and a tired faced mum who will hold his hand until he falls asleep and always come when he needs me. 
I would rather parent my children alone in my broken home forevermore than subject them to an unhappy and toxic environment. I would rather teach them to choose happiness. Not lie in the bed they made. You can always work on the bed you’ve got, buy a new mattress and some fancy pillows or you can realise it’s not the bed for you and buy a whole new bed. (Yes I am tired and want my bed).
I know that friend doesn’t read my blog, but if they did. I’ll say what I said to their face. If it can’t be fixed, be brave and be amicable. Your child will be happier with two happy homes than in one miserable one. 
There is no shame in being a single parent. You tried. It didn’t work. Single parents are kick ass. 

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