Ten Thoughts on Six Monthly Reports

Tilly’s report from her development paediatrician (who is excellent and says it how she sees it, I like her a lot) came today. It’s always a joy. Here are the ten things I think when I read her six monthly report:
1. Ah fuck. Not again. How is this my life? How is this her life?
2. Nope, they still have no idea what’s wrong with her. I knew this, why does it still shock me?
3. I wonder if anyone will ever know. I wonder if I’ll marry the doctor who works it out. I bet I’ll either cry or snog them.
4. The word ‘severe’ sucks. At least I can send this to DWP to prove she’s disabled enough for them. Silver lining I suppose.
5. 🖕🏻 to the stupid buggers that told me I was neurotic and my child was not disabled. I hope they step on plugs every day for the rest of time.
6. More swear words.
7. The current state of disabled services is shite.
8. Incoherent swearing about the lack of disabled services and the increasing pressures on NHS staff.
9. I really like gin. I should keep it in the house. I’ll hide in the loo and eat a magnum instead.
10. I really love my Tilly. You can list all the problems in the world, she will always be the best girl on the planet.



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